Top 10 head massagers for hair growth – 2020

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Anyone who has been to a spa and had their head massaged knows what a heavenly experience it is. But then you probably also know that a professional head massage is not possible every day because it can burn a hard hole in your pocket. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now have a professional head massage at home without anyone entering your personal area. Yes, we refer to head massagers.

These fantastic tools offer a variety of benefits, from headache relief to hair growth improvement. Pretty cool, isn’t it? We did some research and found the best head massagers that you can get your hands on now. But before we go into that, let’s take a look at how head massagers can be beneficial to you.

Benefits Of Using Head Massagers

  • For hair growth – hair loss is usually due to the hair follicles not getting enough blood that contains important nutrients. Massaging your scalp with your hands or a head massager will help your scalp to become more bloody and increase hair growth.
  • For relaxation – head massagers relieve tense muscles, reduce headaches and provide deep relaxation. This in turn can treat migraines and various sleep disorders. Head massage at night will be more effective.

Now that you know the benefits of head massagers, let’s take a look at the top head massagers that you can get your hands on now!

1. Ikeepi Vibrating Head Massager

 Ikeepi Vibrating Head Massager

The Ikeepi head massager comes with two massage heads that give you more flexibility in use. The Finger Gripper Claw massage head is intended for your scalp and can reduce stress, relax and improve blood circulation. It also promotes hair growth. The round 3-point massage head is used to massage the face, shoulders, neck and other areas that require pain relief.

2. Yeamon Phototherapy Head Massager Comb

 Yeamon Phototherapy Head Massager Comb

The Yeamon phototherapy massage comb by Yeamon is an electric comb that massages your head and adds red and blue light therapy for hair growth. The vibration of the comb promotes blood circulation and strengthens the hair cells in order to improve the quality of the existing hair. The red light mode stimulates hair follicles and improves hair texture, while the blue light mode relaxes the scalp muscles and helps to balance oil secretion.

3. Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager

 Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager

The Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager massages your scalp and thus offers comfort, relaxation and stress relief. It also promotes blood circulation, promotes healthy hair growth, and helps reduce insomnia. There are two vibration modes that you can choose from depending on ease and tolerance. The durable PET material has a high elasticity and is easy to handle.

4. USAGA Head Massager

USAGA Head Massager

Who needs the bells and whistles of batteries or rechargeable modules to get a head massage when you have your hand and a USAGA head massager? Yes, this strange, claw-like tool with 20 fingers is considered one of the best head massagers due to its simple design and simple operation. It not only increases blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth, but is also relaxing and fun!

5. Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetic Massager

Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetic Massager

Treat yourself to a comprehensive spa experience with the Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetic Massager, which offers a four-finger spiral massage. This waterproof massager can be used in the shower to clean your scalp or to massage your head when your hair is dry. You can also choose between three modes – low, high and rhythmic.

6. Tezam Head Massager

 Tezam Head Massager

The Tezam head massager is designed to mimic the feel of your fingers massaging your head. What makes this massager unique is its double movement function, which allows you to switch between tapping and shaking. You can use it to clean your scalp in the shower and as a massager after your hair dries.

7. Fittop Electric Head Massager

 Fittop Electric Head Massager

If you are looking for a massager to relax and revitalize your body from head to toe, this is it. No matter where you are, in the shower, on your couch or at your desk – the Fittop Electric Head Massager offers you an immediate hand simulation massage, which leads to increased blood flow to the scalp and improved hair growth.

8. Norlanya Electric Head Massager

 Norlanya Electric Head Massager

The Norlanya electric head massager looks like something straight out of a science fiction film. This helmet-shaped massager uses several massage techniques to relieve headaches, improve sleep disorders, and provide general relaxation. It simulates a professional massage therapist using air massage, vibration, warmth and music to calm you down and relax completely.

9. Allinthebox Handheld Electric Head Massager

 Allinthebox Handheld Electric Head Massager

This multi-purpose head massager is suitable for both you and your pet when one of you needs a relaxing massage. The massager is light and portable, so you can enjoy the refreshing benefits when you feel exhausted. When used regularly, it improves blood circulation to the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

10. Willkem Electric Head Massager and Shampoo Brush

Willkem Electric Head Massager and Shampoo Brush

The Willkem device is a head massager and a shampoo brush in one. Use it in the shower with your shampoo to thoroughly clean your hair. You can also use it dry to massage your head. The vibrations of the device effectively relieve pain, stress and tension in the scalp area. It also promotes hair growth when used regularly.


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