The 10 Most Beautiful Orange Roses

orange rose

Orange roses are a symbol of youth, dynamism and life. They also make stunning wedding roses. These roses can add playfulness to any garden. Here is a list of orange roses.

1.Oranges & Lemons

Oranges & Lemons

This species of rose has a very unique color as it has orange petals with yellow stripes. They have a pleasant scent and have a fairly good repetition. They are hardy flowers and therefore can be grown by even inexperienced gardeners. They are beautiful flowers to have in a garden or at home.

2. Grace


Just like their name, these roses are full of grace and elegance. They are strong and hardy plants with a delicious scent. They also have good repetition and thus make great garden flowers. They can be used to decorate various occasions to add dynamism to the atmosphere

3. Crown Princess Margareta

Crown Princess Margareta

These roses are named after Queen Victoria’s granddaughter. She was a talented landscaper and just like her, these roses add a touch of beauty and wonder to any landscape. They are very hardy roses and can be grown as a medium-sized shrub.

4. Ambridge Rose

Ambridge Rose

These roses belong to the English rose species. They have excellent repetition and are very hardy plants. Their beautiful apricot, peach and orange colors and strong, delicious scent make them perfect plants to grow in a garden or to have around the house.

5. Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure

This species of rose bears roses with a very powerful and elegant fragrance. These roses should be planted near a house or in a place where their wonderful scent can be enjoyed. In hot climates, these roses make great climbers and can thus be planted along a wall or a large fence.

6. Lady Emma Hamilton

Lady Emma Hamilton

These roses are perfect for a home gardener as they are very hardy and easy to grow. They have a beautiful orange and yellow-orange tint and look beautiful against the background of dark green leaves. In addition to beauty, they also have a very pleasant scent.

7. Lady of Shallot

Lady of Shallot

Named after The Lady of Shallot, a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, these roses are pretty and mystical, just like the main character in the poem. The petals are chalice-shaped and give off a scent of hot tea infused with a pleasant scent of apple and clove. They are perfect garden roses.

8. Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight

These gorgeous apricot-colored roses are hardy and give off a wonderful, rich tea scent. They make wonderful decorations for occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc. They have excellent repetition and therefore can be a very pleasant plant to grow in a garden.

9. Tamora


The name of these magnificent roses was incorporated into Shakespeare’s play “Titus Andronicus”. These roses are perfect for rose beds. They are cup-shaped flowers and they smell of lilac or mimosa. They generally don’t grow very tall in hot climates and are very hardy.

10. Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby

This rose is named after Abraham Darby. It grows like a large shrub or like a small climber. It belongs to the English rose category and is very hardy. These gorgeous roses have a delicious, fruity scent that can mesmerize anyone. The average height of these roses is five feet.

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