How to cut your own hair at home while isolating yourself

cut your own hair at home

It’s not ideal, but we can’t go to hairdressers and need a cut, but that’s how it works

Cutting your own hair at home is not the first choice for anyone.

While new restrictions on self-isolation keep us in the house, unless it’s a trip to important things like food and medication, it may be necessary to keep an eye on your hairstyle.

cut your own hair at home

Maintaining a healthy head of locks through treatments such as root repair and moisturizing masks is something we already informed you about in our guide here, but cutting is a very different story.

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Far from being easy, many hairdressers have trained to master the skills for years, and Buller & Rice hairdresser and founder Anita Rice advises that it is not a decision to act lightly. “I definitely don’t recommend anyone trying to cut their hair. In 99.5 percent of cases, it doesn’t come out as you expected it to,” she told The Independent.

But when desperate times require desperate action, you need to take action to avoid disaster.

cut your own hair at home

“Use small blades, e.g. B. nail scissors. The smaller the blade, the smaller the mistake. If you are cutting long hair, braid your hair to one side over your shoulder, tie a hair band an inch from the ends so you can see all ends in a bundle, hold the hair band and make small vertical snippets (by making vertical snippets will reduce the likelihood of cut lines. As soon as you feel like you’ve cut off all the longest parts, loosen the braid and repeat on the other side. “

Your advice for cutting shorter hairstyles is to be careful because finding the right one is much more difficult. “Don’t be too happy with the scissors, stay tuned. Try the edges / sideburns and neck. If they are kept clean, you will be amazed how long you can leave the rest.”

cut your own hair at home

“When it is reasonably short, I used my beard trimmers to get it to a shavable level. I use Harry’s razors that explicitly state that they are not used on heads for full disclosure, but I think they are great – use a new razor every time, go slow and do it twice – you will miss parts. Then apply a lot of moisturizer to your head. “

To keep up with the latest hair growth, Harry does this at home once a week with a razor.

Since the schools are closed indefinitely, you may consider cutting your child’s hair, as a few months indoors can make a noticeable difference. Journalist and poet Victoria Richards found her attempt to cut her daughter’s hair, eight-year-old Emily, and three-year-old son Max to be surprisingly successful.

“I have never cut hair in my life, but in the end I cut about five centimeters from my daughter’s hair. I just did it in the garden with kitchen scissors and comb freestyle. It is not perfect, but it is straight perfect enough. I cut Max’s hair in the bathtub, he had grown a bit like a mullet, so I cut her back and even gave him a fringe cut, “she said.

“Since I cut the kids, I’ve looked at myself and definitely thought about cutting my own hair,” she added.

cut your own hair at home

Iona Jess Townsley, digital PR and content marketing manager, said that she often cuts her own at home, but recommends watching a tutorial like this on YouTube first to avoid breakdowns.

With kitchen scissors she keeps it as simple as possible. “I went freestyle for my own hair, just a short bob that had just been cut. I first cut the front pieces to the desired length by combing and cutting damp hair transversely, and then went back as far as possible. The back part was definitely not as straight as it could have been, but I have springy hair so I could mask the bumps pretty well, ”she said.

If everything else fails, Rice recommends experimenting with accessories and getting creative. “Play with silk scarves, headbands, huge clips, turbans, fascinators and maybe get some fancy hats too.”


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