25 Bridal styles for long hair

bridal styles for long hair

Long hair for every occasion always makes an unforgettable impression. People tend to remember the girl with beautiful long curly hair because longer hair is less common but is still worn by women. Weddings are occasions when every young woman wants to look good. Brides wonder what exactly to do with their beautiful long curls. Go braid the hair or leave it loose, make a bun and beautify it with flowers, there is so much you can do.

1. Simple Embellished Braid

Simple Embellished Braid

Braid your hair in a simple way, but decorate it with flowers that complement the clothes you would wear. This kind of embellishment will captivate everyone!

2. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

Make the mane look like a waterfall. Tie a braid from both sides and pin it in the middle. Leave the rest of the hair open, we’ll get the waterfall hairstyle.

3. Five Strand Braid

Five Strand Braid

Five strand braid is one of the best wedding styles for long hair. Weave the five-strand braid and decorate it with pearls. Even with a sari or half a sari, this style will look chic and traditional at the same time. For the Desi zeal you can beautify it with flowers!

4. Braid Around

Braid Around

Make a braid around your head, near your temple just above your forehead. Put flowers around, the “Do” is perfect for the “Sangeeth” or pre-wedding celebrations.

5. Braid to The Fore

Braid to The Fore

Make the braid around your head like a hair band. The difference between the conventional headband hairstyle is that the braid is pushed back. The rest of the hair is tied up into a bun or a braid. It’s your decision.

6. Side Fish Braid

 Side Fish Braid

Try this braid for the reception or the mehendi. The braid and the Mang Tikka would steal the show. The style can also make a surprising statement for the wedding. Try the style with complementary clothing.

7. Braided Bun

Braided Bun

You can’t go wrong with this braided bun, making it one of the best bridal hairstyles for long hair. Take the side strands, weave them into a braid, braid from the top and again from the side, merge all three into one braid. Roll up the braid into a bun. The intricate details can be spiced with either flowers or jewels, depending on how you want the style to look.

8. Braid Highlights

Braid Highlights

Shade your hair in a different shade, the highlights enhance and complement the style. The long hair, highlighted and braided, looks beautiful!

9. Side French Braid

Side French Braid

French braid from one side, on whichever side, and then leave the rest of the untamed hair open. Don’t forget to do the middle part. A lower middle section would upgrade the entire cliff.

10. Inward Bangs & Braid

Inward Bangs & Braid

Wavy hair, very light !! You can wave them into a braid and then use it as a side braid. The inward-curved bangs add to the carefree look. This hairstyle can be combined with a free flowing dress with a slit on one side!

11. Side Weave

Side Weave

Make a side part and comb the hair back. Make it smooth and then put a side braid close to the temple. The smaller the size, the more exquisite the look would be. A large neck piece would complement the style. To further develop it, you can keep the makeup colors either dark or soft.

12. Braid it Down

Braid it Down

Braid from above, remove, make a side part on both sides. Curl the rest of the hair for a softer touch. The traditional neck piece and visible earrings can complement the style. Go for pastel tones when you dress up.

13. Intricate Hawser Braid

Intricate Hawser Braid

The bun gives the impression that every hair is woven into a braided mesh. Make a hawser bun on top of each other! The hair tissue is fine and intense. In the end you look like a princess from a fairy tale.

14. Wavy Braid

 Wavy Braid

Weave a loose braid, do it with a side part. A strand that falls over the eyes only gives a touch of playfulness. The wavy / curly hair would immediately fall into this style. Team up with big incomes and a strong lip color!

15. Pulled Back Waves

 Pulled Back Waves

The wavy hair can be pulled back to make a sexy hood. The nude tones can hot color the whole style! Choose the wedding accessories so that they look subtle.

16. Sleek Fish Side Braid

Sleek Fish Side Braid

Side panel and then braid the fish style, sticky yet sexy! Also add a side French braid on the side opposite the braid tail. The sleek and sexy effect is also very casual, but efficient for a wedding dress.

17. Black Braided Bun

Black Braided Bun

Place the braid around the huge bun. The style is neat and different. A Mang Tikka, a simple one, can emphasize the style.

18. Chignon Glam

Chignon Glam

This chignon has flying flair with a lot of volume. The free bangs in the front add so much glamour. Chignons are so chic in every variant. Wear this gorgeous bridal hairstyle on your friend’s bridal shower!

19. Bun Volume

Bun Volume

The bun is wrapped with a thick layer of hair and appears to have a high volume. Wear the style for dinner or the first dinner after marriage.

20. Chignon Twist

Chignon Twist

A chignon returned, not firmly to destroy the waves, but to improve the texture. A twist on the side of the temple defines the style.

21. French Bun

French Bun

The French bun, the conventional chic French “do”, can help refine the style. This hairstyle goes with any clothing and lets you fall gorgeous.

22. Braided Pony

Braided Pony

Braided bangs are one of the best Indian long hair wedding hairstyles that can enhance your beauty. Wear this with Lehenga and emphasize it with the Mang Tikka. An A-line dress would go with it.

23. Chignon With Curls

Chignon With Curls

A wavy chignon tied to the side with loose curls to achieve this softness. A simple lace dress would look so beautiful with this wavy chignon. For desi celebrations, the style is perfect for sangeet / mehndi events or even for a reception.

24. Loosely Tied Up Waves

Loosely Tied Up Waves

The loosely tied hairstyle can complement a dress or a sari! Embellish the style with flowers and jewels. The hairstyle radiates elegant self-confidence.

25. Tight Messy Braid

Tight Messy Braid

Tie the braid together to get the puff in front, then weave it five or four strands. It is not exactly the fish network nor the French network, but a fusion of the two.


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