10 Best MAC Red Lipsticks


The best thing about the party season is that you can use the best red lipstick tones. What makes red lipsticks so angry? A deep red lipstick can make a woman look sexy and cheeky. Beautiful red lips show character strength and just look great! But not all red lipsticks offer the look you want. Some can fall flat or actually make the wearer look trashy. How do you choose the right shade of red?

Top 10 Best Mac Red Lipsticks

1. MAC Russian Red

This Russian red lipstick from MAC Cosmetics has a matt finish and is highly pigmented. This is a standard red retro lip color that is suitable for most women out there. It is creamy, soft and effortlessly glides on the lips.

2. MAC Viva Glam I

The Viva Glam 1 lipstick offers a semi-matt finish. A color that is so deep and rich that it is suitable for almost all skin tones. It is part of the special Viva Glam Collection from MAC. When you buy a Viva Glam Lipcolor, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to people affected by HIV / AIDS. So treat yourself to a few purchases without feeling guilty.

3. MAC Dubonnet

The Dubonnet by MAC is available in a deep red shade with burgundy undertones. It has a creamy texture and a shiny finish. This shade can also be worn as a stain during the day. It takes up to three to four hours.

4. MAC Brave Red

This MAC lipstick has a creamy texture. It makes your lips soft and smooth after each use. The finish is slightly simple. To get an intense color, apply two to three layers of the lipstick.

5. MAC Ruby Woo

This classic super bright red is one of the hottest colors sold by MAC. It has a retro matt texture and a wipe of it goes far. Due to the ultra-matte texture, your lips can get a little dry after a while. So make sure you prepare your lips with some lip balm / conditioner before applying the lipstick. It will surely woo you in one application.

6. MAC Lady Bug

The Lady Bug by MAC is a tomato red lipstick with a shine. It moisturizes your lips and makes them appear shiny. If you don’t like red or are not a fan of bright colors, this is the place for you. It is pretty simple on the lips and leaves a nice red spot. It takes up to three to four hours.

7. MAC Lady Danger

The Lady Danger by MAC is a classic orange-red shade that is loved by everyone. It has a matte finish. The lipstick stays on for about five to six hours and is a perfect choice for any season!

8. MAC Red

This MAC Red lipstick has a semi-matte finish. Its pretty red color is perfect for any occasion. It has a satin texture and an opaque finish. Wear it alone or combine it with red lipstick for a bold look.

9. MAC Chilli

The MAC Chilli is a burnt orange-red color with a matt finish. It is weightless and glides smoothly on the lips. It takes up to five to six hours. This is a color you can wear anywhere, anywhere.

10. MAC Diva

The MAC Diva lip shade is a beautiful dark burgundy shade. It has a matt finish and is highly pigmented. A shadow that makes you look no less than a diva!


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