Top 10 Bridal Makeup Videos

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Hey you beautiful brides out there! Are you dreaming of your special day ?! Awww, I know you want to look perfect. Capture every memory of your wedding with all the cameras around you! Don’t love when that happens ?!

Your plate is already full of wedding plans to make sure everything is going well? Straight from the guest list, flowers, menus, music and the best part of your make-up!

Do you want to look the best in your wedding video? So girls, take your time to invest in perfect makeup.

Three, two, one … beautiful! Get ready for the perfect bridal beauty with my countdown. Check out these ten best bridal makeup videos that will help you achieve a flawless look on your D-Day.

Best Bridal Makeup Videos

1. Modern Look:

This video shows the * modern look * of a bride with a bold, smoky eye shadow that doesn’t look OTT. If you like trying out modern looks, you will surely love this tutorial. The smoky eye and traditional red lips make you a modern, yet traditional bride on your D-Day.

2. Royal Look:

If you want to look like a royal bride, a video is a must as it shows how you can achieve that look. Royal dresses are full of colors and contain a lot of gold, maroon and peach. This video shows how you can combine your makeup with your royal traditional Lehenga.

3. Asian Bridal Makeup:

The Asian bridal makeup look is a subtle makeup look that elegantly enhances your best features. Shimmering eye shadows, smeared black cabbage, false eyelashes, red lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows are what you need to achieve the perfect Asian bridal look. This video shows you how to achieve this look, as well as some tips and tricks.

4. Princess Look:

Wedding is a special time in a girl’s life and she wants to look like a princess during her wedding, right? If you want to look like a princess too, this video will show you how to achieve a princess look in a very traditional way. It will also go with the Indian wedding theme. The colors for makeup are gold, pink, blue, which is traditional and almost all Indian outfits have this shade.

5. Neon Bridal Makeup Look:

Neon colors are * in * this season and if you are trendy. If you are thinking of wearing a neon bridal outfit during your wedding, this video tutorial is for you. Makeup gets pretty tricky when you have to combine it with your wedding outfit. But this tutorial can be a lifesaver for you. This peach pink neon bridal makeup look is perfect for summer makeup or if you want to look like a pretty barbie bride.

6. Arabic Bridal Makeup:

Arabian bride makeup is a bright type of makeup, but it enhances the beauty of the bride. This bridal look is fashionable and has become the trend of 2013. Arabic bridal makeup, however, can be difficult because it’s light makeup and you should know when to go overboard. This bridal makeup video shows you how to do Asian bridal makeup in a perfect and subtle way.

7. Classy Rajasthani Look:

If you want to look like a traditional Rajasthani bride then this makeup look is perfect for you. This look goes very well with the traditional Indian outfit with many usual embroidery. This makeup look is Indian and traditional, but very classy. The eye makeup includes many colors such as gold, maroon, green, purple and false eyelashes. While the lips are kept rich in maroon, this is traditional and fat at the same time.

8. Traditional Bridal Makeup:

This video shows you a bride makeup for your golden and red outfit, which is the traditional color for wedding outfits. Most brides choose a combination of gold and red while choosing their wedding outfits.

9. Bengali Bridal Makeup:

Bengali weddings are known in India for their calm, serene and peaceful nature. Bright and bold colors, glitter is a big yes when it comes to dressing up a Bengali bride. Bengali women get very sharp features and these features are highlighted very well because Bengali’s are very artistic by nature. The saris they wear are of red color, embedded in a lot of golden Jari work. “Red” is a must when dressing Bengali brides. The bride’s makeup is very lively, dazzling and sparkling and they are generally set with a lot of gold.

10. Indian Bridal Makeup:

At an Indian wedding, the makeup artists take the conventionality of the event into account. There are a number of salons and salons that specialize exclusively in bridal makeup. These places are a good option where you can use different facilities and wedding packages. There are also many functions that take place before and after the main wedding day, such as engagement, sangeet, mehndi, reception, etc. For all these occasions, the bride must also look good.

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