5 skincare rules for women who don’t have much time to spend on skincare

skincare tips

Skin care routines can range from one to 15 steps depending on how much you have invested in your skin care routines. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the length and breathing of a person’s skin care routine – you might be someone with very problematic skin that you think needs a lot of products that need repairing, or just someone who does likes to take care of the skin and exercises extensively routines. Or you simply have not invested enough money to put more time and effort into a program in more than three steps, but still want to see the great results. As beauty authors and editors, we constantly test new beauty products, combinations and routines to find out what works and what does not. Here’s Vogue’s five-step guide on how to get more out of your skincare routine by reducing it to the bare essentials you need.

skincare rules

1. The best way to make your morning skin care easier is to get your nocturnal routine in order

Reducing your skincare routine to avoid a large number of products and steps is the dream, and it only gets easier if you care for your skin right from the start. If you go to bed with make-up remnants and assume that you wash it off in the morning, you are more likely to wake up with dull skin and new outbreaks in the morning. Thanks to this you will feel the need for a whitening serum or a lightening mask and a spot treatment for your acne. However, if you effectively cleanse your skin at night, wake up with fresh skin, so that your morning routine can start with a simple, skin-friendly cleanser, followed by a moisturizer and sunscreen.

skincare tips

2. It is possible to combine your skin treatments

It’s pretty easy to follow a routine for cleaning, tinting, wetting, and sunscreen. Adding serums and boosters, however, can lead to excess. The best way to reduce the number of steps is to maximize what you get from your products. The combinations and possibilities are endless and it’s about being smart with your skin care. If you have dry and dull skin, attack your dryness with a hyaluronic acid serum and use a moisturizer with Vitamin C to lighten your skin. If you feel that your skin is not getting as much vitamin C as you want, take a facial cleanser that is rich in vitamin C. Often, your sunscreen can also provide additional skin care benefits.

3. You can combine your SPF and base make-up, but there is a catch

skincare tips

Let’s make one thing clear first: The use of make-up products with an additional sun protection factor is good for you, but does not mean that you can do without sunscreen. However, using a tinted sunscreen is a good option if you want to mix the two steps. The difference is that with a tinted sunscreen, the main focus of the product is on protecting the skin from the sun (which is most important).

4. Buy less

In a world where deals and deals are distributed daily by brands and e-commerce sites, it’s hard to resist giving in. While we are all responsible for messing around with new beauty products, this can confuse your skin and complicate your routine if you still have jars and tubes that are more than half full. Given the over-buy, a # ShopYourStash movement has been initiated on Instagram, prompting you to use the beauty products you own before making a new purchase. That way, you can use a new formula from your current beauty arsenal without spending extra money while minimizing waste.

skincare tips

5. Follow the skincare routine

Four steps or 10, if you do not follow your skincare, your skin will not work with you. It is unreasonable to hope that concerns such as acne and boredom will disappear if you leave them alone. Even a simple therapy tailored to your skin type will show results if done regularly.

skincare tips

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