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The Skin Care section features articles on various topics dealing with skin problems and their solutions. They range from seasonal skin problems to common problems like acne, dull skin, and more. You can find home remedies and natural face packs to get rid of skin problems in articles written by cosmetologists and dermatologists on how to treat certain skin conditions.

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Skin Care

Acne, or acne vulgaris, is a common skin problem that usually occurs during puberty. These pimples or blemishes often appear as red swelling on the face, neck, or back. Acne causes include factors such as overproduction of testosterone, increased sebum production, dirt, oil, clogged pores, and an unhealthy diet.

Treatment & home remedies

Acne treatment involves lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet, good sleep, less alcohol, and plenty of exercise. It is also very important to use a product that is good for your skin. There are many acne treatments recommended by experts, such as laser treatment for acne scars.

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Home remedies

Although many treatment options are available, trying natural home remedies to prevent or treat acne may not be a bad idea.


Blackheads or open comedones are the first stage of acne facing puberty. These pimples have wider openings that have accumulated with sebum, skin debris, and bacteria. This type of acne is a common problem for oily skin.

Treatment & home remedies

Painful salon treatments can help get rid of blackheads, but these home remedies are painless and most effective. In addition to removing blackheads, these treatments also nourish the skin.

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Whiteheads are often referred to as closed comedonal acne. These are clogged pores and can cause hormonal menstruation, puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It can occur at any age.

Treatment & home remedies

Whiteheads are less noticeable compared to blackheads, but they can be really annoying. We provide the safest way to remove whiteheads at home while protecting your skin.

Dark Circles

Dark circles subside under the eyes and are characterized by extremely thin skin. Thus, blood vessels appear through this thin layer. Certain allergies, colds or sinus problems, lack of regular sleep, excessive drinking and smoking, and sun exposure can cause dark circles and puffy eyes.

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Treatment & home remedies

Dark circles aren’t a serious skin problem, but they can make you feel tired, exhausted, unhealthy and look older. You can easily get rid of these unpleasant tints under the eyes using these home remedies.


Aging and various other environmental factors lead to fine lines and sagging skin. However, these signs are part of the natural aging process. When exposed to the sun, wrinkles and lines appear on the face and neck.


Our experts highlight some remedies that can help you look younger and prevent the signs of aging.

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