5 Asian beauty secrets that inspire you

Asian beauty secrets

Asians have always been envied for their beautiful skin. Asian skin, especially Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian, was the inspiration for many of the world’s beauty products. When the BB creams came on the market, many women thanked Korea for having such a beautiful multifunctional product.

Asia was the source of many beauty rituals. Here we’re talking about some of these Asian beauty secrets that can help you achieve the beautiful skin you have.

Asian Beauty Secrets

Asian Beauty Secrets

1. Slap Slap Slap:

It sounds strange, but these slaps in the face are common in Korea. Korean women really follow this ritual with diligence. They believe that this stimulates blood circulation and increases the energy level in the skin. Even today, they follow the same principle and believe that this is the best way to get the creams and lotions into the skin.

2. Polish Up:

Polishing your skin may be something you may never do, but Asian women certainly love to polish their skin. They appreciate it more than their CTM ritual. While CTM is popular in western countries, Asian women usually treat themselves to a polishing ritual.

3. Facials:

While it may not be important to many of you to have a facial every month, Asian women really respect their facial. They often have their facials done. And they spend quite a bit of money on their spa trips.

4. Besan-Raw Milk-Turmeric = A beautiful Scrub & Face pack:

If you have simple kitchen recipes on hand, why should you try these harsh chemicals? The ancient homemade face pack made from mizzen, raw milk and turmeric is still a sure winner for every woman. The pack brightens the skin, acts as a peeling and gives the face a radiant feeling.

5. Beautiful kajal Lined Eyes:

Kajal was part of every woman’s vanity. The kohl was formerly made in private households using many primitive techniques, but is now available in various shapes and formulas. The eyes lined with kajal define the eye shape and give the face a beautiful effect.

Bonus Asian Beauty Secrets

Asian Beauty Secrets

Fitness and Diet:

Fitness plays an important role in the well-being of the body, so all Asians have a high-carbohydrate diet with rice and wheat. They have fish and vegetables along with meat. The mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fat helps the body to function properly and ensures that the skin stays beautiful for years.

Sun protection:

One of the most important beauty secrets is protecting the skin from the sun’s rays. Asian women apply a sunscreen foundation that is a must in their daily regime.

Remain hydrated the whole day:

Asian beauties stay hydrated all day long. They use facial mists with a light mist over their face to keep their foundation fresh.

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